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Structure of the Mono-Repo

The scaffolds structure is pretty simple. It's based on the mono-repo principle which enhances the code-sharing capabilities of you and your teams while reducing the maintenance overhead in doing so. In a nutshell a mono-repo is a collection of independent packages, in our case npm packages. Feel free to read more about mono-repos in detail over at the Lerna.js! :-)

We use Lerna as the tool of choice for orchestrating all packages with one exception. The setup is done via yarn's workspace feature since it was more reliable and performant.

All packages are located in the packages/ folder, they include their own package.json and additional configuration files. This makes it a no-brainer to extract packages and make the code available for other teams in your company. The mono-repo is structured as follows.

build/                // Configuration files for external tools, e.g. deployments / integration tests.
docs/                 // You are currently right here m8.
flow-typed/           // Versioned library defintions for Flow, e.g. patches or custom libdefs that you haven't open-sourced yet.
node_modules/         // Dependencies of your project.
packages/             // The application relevant packages.
└── somePackage/  
|   ├── coverage/     // Code coverage information of this package.
|   ├── node_modules/ // Dependencies of this package (if they are used in multiple packages, symlinks will be created to satisfy Flow).
|   ├── dist/         // The location of your transpiled code.
|   ├── src/          // The location of your source code

Packages of the Mono-Repo

├── my-fancy-ui/                  // The universal UI application for the user.
├── my-fancy-ui-components/       // Abstract UI components to be shared with other teams / applications.
├── my-fancy-ui-config/           // The shared project config for all packages.
├── my-fancy-ui-hypernova/        // The universal rendering microservice.
├── my-fancy-ui-i18n/             // Internationalization API and files.
├── my-fancy-ui-logger/           // Singleton logger instance for all packages.
├── my-fancy-ui-server/           // The front-facing web server.
└── my-fancy-ui-static-assets/    // Static files that you usually don't want to put into version control *hint*.

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