Out of the box the scaffold uses the NODE_ENV environment variable to detect in which mode it should run.

Environment variable key Possible values Default value Description
NODE_ENV development, test, production development The environment for the application itself.
MY_FANCY_UI_HOST * localhost The hostname on which the application should launch.
MY_FANCY_UI_PORT * 8080 The port on which the HTTP server should launch.
MY_FANCY_UI_SSR_PORT * 8081 The port on which the hypernova server should launch.
MY_FANCY_UI_API_STAGE * development The stage pointer for the API´s you use in the service.

Since manually setting these environment variables manually is a daunting task, you can create a so called dot-env file in the root of your application. By default most top level scripts like yarn run {dev, start, build, test} automatically set at least the NODE_ENV environment variable. Take a look at the betterScripts section in the root package.json for detailed informations.

Project wide configuration that you would like to keep in your code should be done in the dedicated config package, e.g. packages/my-fancy-ui-config/src/index.js. This is also the place where you can add additional required environment variable and their validation if necessary.

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