While we try to keep the effort of setting up your system as small as possible, some tools need to be installed globally.

Table of Contents

NVM (Node Version Manager)

As any good node citizen, we use nvm to manage our node versions across projects. Execute the following command to check if nvm was installed previously on your computer.

nvm --version

If a version was printed into your console/shell, you are good to go and you can skip to the next section.

In case an error was printed, check if Node was installed globally previously by executing

node --version

If a version was printed into your console/shell, please uninstall your global Node/NPM version before installing nvm.

Once you've got a clean system without any global installed Node/NPM versions, go ahead and follow the installation instructions in the nvm README.

Yarn (Package Manager)

Since we make good use of yarn, we require it to be installed as well. As with node, check if it's installed already by executing

yarn --version

We require at least v1.3.2 to be installed, if it was not installed or if it's outdated, please head to the Installation guide of yarn and execute the necessary steps.

Afterwards you are good to go! :-)

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